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The Vibrant Woman monthly healing program

The Vibrant Woman:

a monthly support system from Core Healing

Working with hundreds of women over the past five years, we managed to identify the unique issues that challenge today’s woman. So we decided to create a monthly healing program – specially for women – that would help heal these issues with greater ease and efficiency.

Based on 5 years of data and over 600 client testimonials, the Vibrant Women program was created. It is intended to be your silent energizer and guardian angel – day after day, week after week, month after month. It has been designed to enhance your physical health, emotional well being and spiritual evolution, all in the comfort of your home (or office).

The most consistent feedback we receive are: happy for no reason, better sleep, improved energy levels, smoother menstrual cycles, and improved relationships. In fact, the most amazing feedback we have ever received has been for our 14 day ‘Harmonizing the Menstrual Cycle’ program.

Once you enroll, this program offers you 8 hours of energy healing every day for the entire month! The effects of this healing are cumulative, and the money saved in medical bills alone is worth the tiny monthly investment.

This monthly healing program will support women in

  1. Reducing stress, improving sleep, increasing energy levels.
  2. Balancing all Chakras and Meridians.
  3. Balancing Hormones and supporting ‘smoother’ menstrual cycles.
  4. Managing mood swings; enhancing love, joy and happiness.
  5. Supporting skin and hair rejuvenation.
  6. Resolving eating disorders and managing weight.
  7. Improving body image and self love.
  8. Releasing suppressed emotions.
  9. Letting go of the past, and healing relationships.
  10. Enhancing confidence and self worth.
  11. Enhancing your meditation and spiritual practice

* Along with the powerful Core Healing, we also do Reiki / Reconnective healing for the entire group every day for 30 minutes.

* Additionally, you will get a 30 minute personal consultation once a month as a part of the program. This helps us to measure your progress and also stay in touch. 🙂

Some feedback from women for Core Healing:

“My first painless period in 14 years!”

“My first day is usually a pain, but this time it was unbelievable!”

“I am feeling different about my body – have started liking it :)”

“I have spontaneously started painting!”

“I feel stable emotionally; no sudden uprising of negativity.”

“My lower two chakras are buzzing with energy…”

“I found an unusual sky-like clarity within!”

“My period came as a surprise with absolutely no symptoms :)”

“Nothing short of a miracle!”

“Spaciousness flowed through!”

A few experiments…

These are 2 sets of flowers from the same bunch. One bunch of flowers was given Core Healing while the other bunch was not. The un-energized flowers drooped considerably on the second day, while the energized flowers remained fresh. (The flowers were kept in separate rooms for the duration of the healing)

Gerbera - Experiment-2


These are 2 pieces of the same potato. One piece of potato was sent healing energy while the other was not. The un-energized potato slice completely dehydrated and shrank by day 5 while the energized slice held up much better.

Potato Expt-1

How does remote healing work?

A highly sophisticated computer based technology is used to transmit powerful resonances, frequencies and information to each client. This supports to correct any imbalances in their body-mind system.

Quantum entanglement makes it possible to transmit energy to you irrespective of where you are located using just your photograph. 

To read more details about how remote healing works click here: FAQ.

What does it cost?

Keeping in mind the needs of clients with chronic issues who may need long term support, we lower the charge by 25% from the fourth month onward. 

Rs. 7500/- ($ 125) per month for the first 3 months. ( Month 1 – 3 )
Rs. 5500/- ($ 100) per month thereafter. ( 4th month onward )

What do you have to do?

  1. Just click one of the links below and enroll with your details and photograph. You will be registered and your healing will begin within 48 hours.
  2. You will be reminded that you are receiving healing each day on your phone via a message. This will allow you to be aware and present to it.


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