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Sahil Surti (GD)

Sahil Surti (or GD as he is lovingly called) is an intuitive spiritual guide and facilitator. He has transformed the lives of hundreds of clients – from CEOs and IT professionals to hardcore spiritual seekers – for the last two decades.

He masterfully employs various ancient and modern therapy and healing systems in his work. His lifelong quest has been to discover simpler, faster and ever more effective ways to heal and transform others.

He has been researching and testing various energetic and informational technologies since 2002 including flower essences, homeopathy, astrology, biochemical salts, colloids, crystals and aromatherapy. He also uses different methods of emotional and psychological transformation including Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Matrix Energetics, Emotrance, Sedona Method, and The Work of Byron Katie.

He is the founder of Core Healing and believes that it will take the work of healing and transformation to a whole new level.

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Amit is a technical genius with a passion for healing and transformation. Working closely with GD as a student for the last 11 years, he has been a full time healer and facilitator for 9 years now.

He is the co-founder of the Core Healing – a healing system that is a perfect fusion of technology and higher consciousness. Amit utilizes his engineering skills to create healing software and products for healing including healing pyramids, sacred geometry tools, tensor rings, energized coasters and chakra healing sets.

He also does wonderful one on one facilitation using the amazing Core technology and his own ability to channel healing energy.

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To contact Amit email or
call +91-7447725454

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