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Body Mind Balance – Trial (2017)

the awesome feedback for the second 7 day free trial!


vision improved and inflammation in my eye is better…
My body is lighter and more relaxed, it feels fresh and amazing. The kidney pain got worse but later subsided. I felt the kidney pain as if at a distance. Vision improved and inflammation and pain in my eye is better. Emotionally also the healing has been good. I used to feel very depressed, feel much better now. More clarity in mind and a feeling of accepting my self.
S.Z. – Cape Town

was in totally different world!
Though I could not sit and meditate but felt as if I was in meditative mode even while working…Was in totally different world. Difficult to express in words 😊🙏🏻 thank u so much!
R.D. – Nagpur

feel the warmth and energy flowing and the sense of being centered is strong
I’ve been more flowing in my daily activities and work. Less reactive. Feeling the need to relax and rest more since I lead a very stressful life as caregiver. Sleep is deeper, wake up feeling lighter and energized. My lower back pain is aggravated. More clarity. I feel the warmth and energy flowing and the sense of being centered is strong.
J.K. – Pune

today everything got manifested. It was angelic!
I was feeling extremely dehydrated till one pm… drank water n lots of cranberry pomegranate juice, was 😉 😅 wondering why I felt that, then saw the pathogen cleanse message.
I feel the lovely energy. Today everything got manifested. It was angelic!
K.K. – Hyderabad

i have been relaxed, feeling lighter…
Since 3-4 days before the healing session started I was feeling very low, there was a feeling of tiredness without any reason, but once the healing have started I have been relaxed, feeling lighter. I am confident enough that I am going to have even more beautiful experience in the next 2 days of the Healing😇🙏
S.S. – Varanasi

absolute sense of peace and joy!
Even while experiencing discomfort like fever, pains, bloating (gas), spells of headaches or sneezes, bites flaring into itching and swellings, the energy levels have been high. I’ve continued to keep the momentum of doing what needs to be done with absolute sense of peace and joy not least bit impacted by what was happening at the physical level. At times there were spells of being irritated but I would be out of it in the very next moment.
S.P. – Bangalore

communication is so much more open…
Thanks to core healing I have felt light hearted and joyful over the last few days. My hubby and son are receiving healing too. I feel it in the spontaneous conversations they are having with me. Communication is so much more open. It’s great…
S.D. – Pune

i am experiencing a lot of calm… 
I am pretty new to spirituality and awareness. I am experiencing a lot of calm… i don’t know whether its my belief or illusion… but I experience calm clarity and have a sense of sortedness!
M.D. – Mumbai

 i certainly felt energy flowing…
On first day first session I certainly felt energy flowing. Mind is stable even though my work environment is frustrating. Able to focus on the day’s work. Able to switch easily from work to family and personal interests without much efforts. Thanks!
V.P. – Pune

meditation has become very easy…
I am constantly feeling energy flowing in my body. Meditation has become very easy for me and I am constantly living within myself. In all it was a nice experience.
R.D. – Nagpur

relaxed and calm inspite of my boss…
I restarted with my regular morning meditation after a long time. At the workplace I had to deal with a critical issue and had to sit late nights but I was so relaxed and calm inspite of my boss being under a lot of pressure. The trust of being on this path has increased a lot.
A.M. – Pune

feeling much lighter and less stressful…
Overall I am feeling much lighter and less stressful inspite of having an extremely bad day financially. Also the emotional turmoil which I was going through due to a breakup, I am much stress free now. My focus on my business venture is getting aligned, which I desperately needed. Thank u very much!
A.J. – Mumbai

more awareness of sensations in body…
More awareness of sensations in body… noticed quickly when mind was moving towards blaming and was able to stop and come back to awareness.
M.B. – Tenessee

wow I feel so different!
I had the max insomnia last night. Was up till 3 am. But after that I slept seamlessly till 8, and then later from 8 till 11
Wow I feel so different… Calm!
R.J. – Mumbai

At work place I felt very much happier… received appreciation from higher management for my work!
A.N.- Pune

Yesterday evening for a moment everything came to a standstill… I felt deep emptiness for a while.
A.P. – Mumbai

I felt positive and had less pain without having to use pain killers.
N.J. – Pune

The morning first sessions are my favorite. Quiet, clear and still is what they feel like. Thank you 🙂
S.B. – Pune

I felt happy for no reason during our healing session yesterday!
S.S. – Phoenix

I felt something shifting today and had tears for no reasons. Thanks.
A.P. – Australia

My hunger increased and yet I felt light on a spiritual level. I was more accepting of myself and was less confused.
H.K. – Pune

I did lots of creative work in last 2 days… feeling good!
R.J. – Mumbai

Feeling positive with more clarity in thinking.
R.V. – Pune

Feedback from earlier remote healing programs…

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