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Personal Healing – Testimonials

Personal Healing – Testimonials



the awesome feedback


something is different from deep within!

Thank you so much for the session yesterday. I’m feeling fantastic. Anger has virtually disappeared.I’m reacting differently to situations and people and am very aware of my thinking.Body is feeling a bit low and feels like it needs rest. Thinking has also shifted. I can sense something is different from deep within.


All in all, the results are amazingly connected with the report that was generated! I am quite amazed with the stuff that came up and happier at the way its getting cleared!

☺ A.S – Mumbai



reduced side-effects of chemotherapy!

I had my 3rd Chemo on 02.07.12 and this time the level of pain is less and other symptoms are also less.

☺ L.K.T – Pune



ovarian cysts!

In just one Core healing session, my ovarian cyst reduced by 10mm.

☺ A.T – Pune



allergy and flu!

My First session was when i had flu. The system immediately showed that i was suffering from some allergy. 8 years ago I was homeopathically treated for chronic nasal congestion which used to develop into a flu periodically. An allergic response was probably triggering my presently reduced nasal congestion into flu like symptoms. This link was picked up by the system.


It was very interesting to see the physiological diagnostics made by the system. Todays medical science does not have a reliable allergy test. If this system can detect such a small allergen level then it could be worth exploring further.

☺ H.T – Pune




“My sleep pattern has been very bad due to the years of medication that I have been on. I could not get restful sleep for days. I tried many western and alternate systems of healing including controlling food habits , nothing seemed to stabilize the issue. I even had to stop meditation in the mornings as i could not get enough restful sleep. Just one sitting on this machine and I have started sleeping well again. I felt it was in some way healing the past and calming the mind .


I have also seen other parameters stabilize and am back to being in control on wellness. Looking back I see that we ignore and give a miss to things that look simple to do yet we do not ever question the doctors and the western medicine even though we have seen that they don’t heal but just mask the symptoms and worse they have side effects. I would like many more to experience the amazing healing power of the Core healing system which is so very simple but as the word says it heals from the core from the very word go. “

☺ S.M – Mumbai


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