Core Healing India

What are its uses?

The Core System is widely used to analyze and balance clients of all ages as well as animals and plants on the level of both energy and information.  Because of its work on the informational level, it can also be used to help people who are unable to visit the user’s practice or office, or a tree in the garden, or animals or crops in the field. 

What can it do for me? 

While Core should not be used as a replacement for medical opinion, some of the Core’s strengths that make it unique are: In sum, Core helps us to catch the “glitches” within our system that create psychological conflict and physical disease.

What does a session consist of? 

A Session usually takes about 60 to 90 minutes, which includes the initial discussion, Core Analysis, and then treatment for about 30 minutes, which has an immediate effect. Based on your Core analysis, you will be given specific remedies with encoded frequencies specifically chosen for you into a substrate like distilled water, silver colloid or floral water.

How many sessions will I need?

Some treatments show visible changes immediately and some take time. Similarly some people respond to the therapy very quickly and see results in just one session, while some people take 4 – 5 sessions before results are observed. Typically changes are clearly apparent after the third session. 

What does it cost for a session?

We offer one-on-one sessions at a reasonable price of Rs.5400 per session . Prices for remote sessions and sessions using specific modalities like RIFE Frequencies are also available here.  

Are there any side effects?

The Core machines are inherently self-limiting (one cannot take too much) and bio-compatible (safe for infants and all people and all conditions). In fact the reason why informational medicine is fast gaining popularity is because informational medicine facilitates quick work at deep core levels without inducing other disturbances as most, if not all, current medicines do. There are no known long term side effects, other than a change in your perspective!

How does it work?

To put it simply, Core is a computer-based healing system that can scan your energy field for points of imbalance. After scanning, it can deliver to the body a series of “energy and informational” corrections that re-sets and restores your natural balance. To help focus diagnosis, it uses an inbuilt database of over 25,000 remedies, organized in 400 groups. It also provides energetic balancing with 8000 Rife and Clark frequencies pre-programmed for 1100 disease conditions. In addition, there is an Organ Balancing program of over 2,000 organ/body parts that can be balanced through bio-information. To heal, it uses sound, light, electro-magnetic frequencies or simply remote transmissions of healing frequencies. The healing information can also be imprinted onto any physical substance such as liquids, tablets, bracelets or any other object that a person can use repeatedly for a period of time.

Is it supported by solid scientific principles?

Core is based on the principles of quantum physics. It used Bioresonance and Biofeedback therapy to test patients, which has been researched by a number of medical universities in US, and is now a listed therapy modality at reputed hospitals like the Mayo Clinic. Core is also supported by the findings of Princeton University’s 26-year PEAR Study on the link between human thought and emotion on physical reality.  At its base are the latest advancements in energetic and informational medicine.
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