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Detox and rejuvenate your liver!

REMOTE HEALING starts 22nd November…

Detox and rejuvenate your liver!

21 days of remote healing exclusively for your liver!

Dear Friends,

Our urban environment and lifestyle make the liver the most abused and overworked organ of the body. 

The liver is responsible for dozens of critical functions like fat metabolism, glucose and glycogen storage, protecting the pancreas, maintaining blood sugar levels, maintaining blood pressure, storing vitamins and minerals, breaking down toxins in the blood, storing toxins it cant break down immediately etc.

A number of lifestyle diseases and mysterious symptoms that are today attributed to stress (Including High cholesterol, high blood pressure, eczema, insulin resistance, unexplained aches and pains, sensitivities and allergies) are in fact due the liver not being able to function optimally.

From 22nd November – 12th December, Core Healing India will be transmitting remote healing frequencies to detox, heal and rejuvenate the liver.

Powerful energies, healing frequencies and esoteric symbols
will be broadcast
 8 hours a day in order to:

  1. Clear stuck emotions and energies from the liver.
  2. Clear food and environmental toxins from the liver.
  3. Clear genetic and hereditary influences from the liver.
  4. Heal the effects of unhealthy food habits and lifestyle choices.
  5. Restore the liver to its optimum level.

* BONUS: As a bonus we will also be detoxing and rejuvenating the kidneys!!!

Please check out the amazing feedback we have received for our other remote healing programs. Please read the FAQ section for more information.

This 21 healing is being offered at a nominal cost of just Rs. 2750 ($50)
per person

All you need to do is send us a photograph, along with your name, date of birth and current location… that’s it. After that, just be open to receiving the healing and watch the changes as they happen.

Participants are not required to do or be anywhere particular in order to receive the healing. The healing will reach you wherever you are and whatever you are doing.

To enroll for this event, please click here.

If you have any questions call +91-8975225454
or email us at

With best wishes,
Core Healing Team

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