Core Healing India

Energized Quartz Coasters

Transform the quality of the water you drink!

Core Healing India offers you specially-charged Crystal Coasters to transform the quality of the water you drink. Using Proprietary Core Healing Technology, these coasters are charged with 21 specially chosen frequencies, sacred symbols, affirmations and resonances to energize and re-structure your drinking water.

Just place the coaster under a bottle of water overnight and enjoy the difference. Though 20 minutes of charging is enough, overnight charging creates the most powerful results.

Most people report back to us that the difference in the water is extremely tangible, and that they spontaneously started drinking more water since they started using the coasters!

Four of the frequencies embedded in the coasters are 122 Hz, 417 Hz, 432 Hz and 528 Hz, which have been researched to be the most effective in restructuring water.

For more information and some amazing photographs see Masuru Emoto’s book The Message from water

Being 70% water ourselves, it would not be sensible to ignore the water we put into our bodies. Our Energized Crystal Coasters provide one of the simplest ways of making your drinking water energetically healthier and happier 🙂

Benefits include:

Coaster Designs


The coasters are approximately 15cm in diameter, 2cm thick and 500gm in weight.

Seed of Life

Flower of Life

Metatron’s Cube


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