Core Healing India

Energized Pyramids

Energize your home and office space!

After an year of research and dozens of different designs starting from raw Orgonite (Read more about the benefits of Orgone energy here), we created something totally new with Orgone energy, Crystals, Coils, Colors, Light and Focussed Energetic Charging.

We have a range of 4 Energy Healing Pyramids you can choose from to enhance the energy of your homes and offices. Our pyramids also make the most beautiful and soothing night-lamps possible, especially ‘Shanti’ and ‘Prem’.


This pyramid has been specially created to radiate the frequencies of abundance. It is the perfect thing to place in your office, business, shop or place of work. The energetic features of the pyramid include:

Shakti (Energize)

The Shakti pyramid is meant to energize spaces and the people around it. It is great to have one of these placed in any space that needs a ‘pick-up’. The energetic features of the pyramid include:

Shanti (Peace)

The Shanti pyramid radiates the frequencies of deep rest and stillness. Ideal for bedrooms, meditation rooms or any space that needs stress reduction. The energetic features of the pyramid include:

Prem (Love)

The Prem pyramid infuses love, acceptance and harmony into the atmosphere. Ideal for bedrooms and children’s rooms. The energetic features of the pyramid include:

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