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Core Meditation Support (Free energy transmissions – daily)

The Core Meditation support

an energy boost for your spiritual practice.

Right from the initial days of Core Healing, GD’s vision was to use technology to support people on their inward journey. His intent is to guide spiritual seekers into the stillness and fulfillment of their true nature.

This was one of the core intents in every group healing program we created. It was immensely gratifying therefore to see this intention result in amazing feedback. Participants shared deep spiritual insights, great clarity, flowing creativity and intense spiritual experiences after every program.

The Core Meditation support is a program dedicated to this intention. These transmissions will provide energetic support intended to deepen your meditation and speed up spiritual growth whether you are a devout meditator, a follower of specific spiritual teachings, or a beginner on the path.

You will receive 2 sixty minute energy transmissions daily. The transmissions will begin at 8 AM Indian Standard Time and 8 PM Indian Standard Time daily for the  entire month.

These transmissions will work best if you sit quietly and meditate for whatever duration possible, during the hour of transmission. The collective consciousness of a group meditating together as well as the energy transmission will further deepen the experience.

The transmissions will support you by:

  1. Reducing mental chatter and slowing down.
  2. Delivering courage and strength.
  3. Motivating you to act in accordance to your highest good.
  4. Deepening your meditation.
  5. Increasing awareness and clarity.
  6. Re-connecting you to your inner wisdom.
  7. Increasing faith and confidence.
  8. Enhancing the ability to be in the flow.
  9. Stepping up your spiritual practice.

Some feedback for Core Healing:

“There is an unshakable peace…”

“Full of silence, like I am meditating…”

“Spontaneous self-enquiry and connecting with pure consciousness…”

“Started to paint after many years…”

“As though my brain went to sleep !”

“My lower two chakras are buzzing with energy…”

“I found an unusual sky-like clarity within!”

“Periods of complete stillness experienced!”

“Each moment is conscious and aware…”

“Almost as if I had transcended to the 5th dimension…”

How does remote healing work?

A highly sophisticated computer based technology is used to transmit powerful resonances, frequencies and information to each client. This supports to correct any imbalances in their body-mind system.

Quantum entanglement makes it possible to transmit energy to you irrespective of where you are located using just your photograph. 

To read more details about how remote healing works click here: FAQ.

What do you have to do?

  1. Just click one of the links below and enroll with your details and photograph. You will be registered and your healing will begin within 48 hours.
  2. You will be reminded that you are receiving healing each day on your phone via a WhatsApp message. This will allow you to be aware and present to it.


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