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Body Mind Balance- Trial invite

Starting 11th January

Core monthly healing program


Dear Friend,

Wouldn’t it be great to receive healing for your body/mind sitting in the comfort of your home or office!
Just send us your photograph and a few details to enroll for the 5 day free healing starting on 11th January.

The monthly program supports in:

  1. Increasing your level of peace and joy very quickly.
  2. Clearing and revitalizing all the organs of the body.
  3. Transmission of energetic nutrients to recharge your body.
  4. Energetically clearing harmful bacteria and parasites.
  5. Balancing your Chakras and Meridians for more vitality.
  6. Clearing and Protecting your Aura and Energy field.
  7. Taking your spiritual / devotional practice to the next level.

This is an amazing way to support others who may be going through testing times. So please inform your family and friends if you feel inspired to!

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With best wishes
Core Healing Team

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