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Body Mind Balance – Trial (11 – 15th Jan 2018)

your awesome feedback for the 5 day trial



it’s been 3 days since I had my last allergy pill!
A bit of a change in my hives situation. Where medicines were not working before it’s been 3 days since I had my last allergy pill! So happy ! Was diagnosed with chronic idiopathic urticaria recently.
A.R. – Bangalore

last three days have been remarkably different…
Thanks for this wonderful treatment. Currently I am going through situations which demand a lot of control on my thoughts and reactions to incidents. Many times I find myself emotionally drained and feel guilty. These last three days have been remarkably different. Many things which were pending for various reasons have started moving. I attribute these changes in situations to your energy transmissions. 
N.V. – Mumbai

dealt with the pressures better…
Despite being in a very stressful situation, I was able to handle it well. Dealt with the pressures better and felt cared for with the reminders you sent with messages of transmissions. Felt more positive about people wanting to share without any expectations. I am financially very pressured and hence this healing felt like gift from God himself. 
R.G. – Indonesia

massive rush of creativity!
I have felt more energised, somehow clearer and stronger. There was a massive rush of creativity during last transmission, my mind was pouring forth creative ideas. Thank you.
S.M. – England

my usual pains are no longer there!
I am feeling lighter and better physically. I usually have body pain which is no longer there. Feeling much better and relaxed.
S.C. – Kolkatta

spondylosis pain gone…
With the increased time on the laptop, my spondylosis was making its presence felt, but when the musculoskeletal transmission started yesterday, I intended to heal it.  I felt light in my neck and arms. Also a pressure pushing upwards in the neck,  skull joint.  Then  I felt very light and the pain was gone.
A.S. – Pune

cough feeling better…
I was down with a bad cough for the last 2 weeks. The cough is feeling much better since 2 days and all the pain in the body is gone.
M.S. – Pune

transmission is helping me come back to myself…
The intent was to get clarity of thought, which I think I am now getting. I was getting lost in outer activities.  This transmission is helping me to come back to myself.
S.J. – Pune

less negative and hopeful…
For a few days now I had been very depressed, but the last 2 days I have felt less negative and more hopeful.
J.R. – Pune

helping me make up my mind and take decisions…
These past few days have been very emotional and mentally exhausting. I had to meet a few deadlines and make some big decisions about where to direct my energies and time. I think the transmissions have been helping me make up my mind and take decisions for my future endeavors.
P.S. – USA

have a sense well being, mentally & physically…
I have a sense well being, mentally & physically. I am feeling more at peace with myself. What made it even better as I’ve been  listening to GD talks…. it went hand in hand. The week before the healing was mentally disturbing but with the healing & GD, I felt I could  handle it without  letting  it effect my health. 
M.P. – Pune

feel happier in the last two days…
Well there were a couple of things at play here, so I am not sure as to the cause: but in terms of effect, I did feel happier in the last two days. There was a burst of clarity related to work yesterday and I feel more energetic as well.
S.S. – Delhi

calmness in situations which would previously trigger me
I am feeling lighter and there has been a release of pent up negative emotions and a certain calmness in situations which would previously trigger me. The world seems a better place right now and I feel more optimistic about the future. Thanks.
R.S. – Bangalore

lower back pain better…
Right side of lower back was hurting badly since morning. It feels much better after the lower back special transmission. Just now I was able to walk for an hour too.
A.P. – Pune

pain in legs and lower back went away!
I felt very light. My mood remained upbeat despite some things not so pleasant happening. When you did the musculoskeletal system transmission, the pain in my legs  got reduced. Today, again with the first session, it got further reduced. My lower back pain also went away! Today after a long time I don’t have a bloating  feeling in my stomach! Thanks ever so much!
V.N. – Pune

felt very happy and lighter…
During the healing, I felt very happy and lighter as if I have removed all negative thoughts from my mind. There was less fatigue and tiredness.
S.B. – Mumbai

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