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A  small scale unit (employing around 1000 workers) engaged in diamond cutting and polishing, was facing several issues:

  • Production was significantly below target and the unit was at the risk of being shut down.
  • The workers were just calling off a labor strike.
  • A few workers had been fired during the conflicts.
  • The management was facing political pressure to rehire the terminated workers.
  • There was an environment of mutual mistrust amongst the management and the workers.
  • There was stress and tension resulting from the situation amongst all.

It was at such a time that the management of the unit approached us, to ask for support in dealing with the situation. The intention was to initiate a healing process that would recreate harmony as well as reduce stress and tension in the unit.

We transmitted energy 24 x 7 to the workers, the machines, the logo of the factory, the paperwork etc. We also created and used the subliminal audio tracks in the unit to emit positive vibrations with a view to improve the physical-mental energy levels, increase focus and productivity of the workers.

Within a month of starting the healing process, the production numbers increased and the situation felt a whole lot better. Encouraged by the results, the management started working closely with us to continue the healing and improve various aspects of the workplace. We identified specific issues that were blocking the unit from achieving their targets. We also focused healing on the people who were under-performing in particular departments or sections.

Three months later, these changes were observed and reported to us:

  • Production has increased from 4500 pieces per month to 6500 pieces.
  • Productivity of 70% of the employees has improved by 10-15% – A worker completing 4 pieces a day is now able to complete 6 pieces.
  • The management was quoted as saying – “Usually during the rains and the festive season our absenteeism is as high as 20%. This time, it has remained below 10%!”
  • The turnover rate of the workers has reduced tremendously.
  • The unit is able to easily hire new talent to match the need for expansion. – There are plans to expand from 1100 persons to a 3000 persons unit.
  • Even the machines have responded to the healing! A few critical laser machines that were frequently out of order prior to the healing have now stopped breaking down within months of starting the energy work.
  • Paper work that was previously stuck due to bureaucratic issues with Government departments have been cleared and the issues sorted out.
  • The confidence of all including management, workers, customers and partners has risen.

This is just one of the many success stories of Core Business Healing.
To create a comprehensive business healing package tailored to the needs of your company, please email at or call/WhatsApp at +91 74477 25454.

This package starts at Rs.50,000/- per month.

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