Core Healing India

Available Energy Sets.

Meridian Balance: for balancing all 12 meridians in the body.
Indispensable for anyone who wants to lead a healthy and balanced life. 
Contains 24 resonances and frequencies to harmonize the meridians in the fastest way possible.

Chakra Balance: for balancing and harmonizing all seven major chakras.
Great support for overall health and harmony.
Contains 14 frequencies and resonances to boost and balance the chakras.

Physical Healing: offers overall healing support for all physical disturbances.
A useful aide for all major illnesses and healing crises.

Computer Stress: for soothing the eyes and clearing the mental ‘fogginess’ created by computer usage. 
Also useful while studying or doing any stressful mental work.

Grounding: Excellent for people who tend to get ‘airy’ or ‘heady’.
Helps to de-stress, reconnect to the earth, and ground your energies.

Stress Relief: A generic spray for relief from all forms of stress and overwhelmment.
A super companion for home, office and car. One of our bestsellers!

Positivity: An amazing combination to uplift your spirits and create
a space of joy and well being. An amazing resource for anyone going through
a rough patch.Also makes an amazing gift.

Energy Shield: Very helpful for people who get overwhelmed by the energies
of other people or the environment.
Most people use this spray on themselves (and their kids) before going off
to work or school – and then once again on returning home.

Space Clearing:to cleanse your energy field and space of negative energies.
Excellent for cleaning any spaces in your home/office which feel heavy and stressful.

Spiritual Protection: for protection from all forms of negative energy
and psychic attack. Works as extra protection for healers and therapists.

Healers Essence: Excellent support and enhancement for healers and facilitators.
Many healers use it before sessions to expand their intuitive and healing abilities.

Skin Care: for super-easy skin care and rejuvenation.
Just spray twice a day to nourish and heal. Good for all skin types.

Masters Essence: Helps connect with the energy of 5 ascended masters.
Excellent for guidance, protection and meditation. One of the first sprays
we created and still one of the most popular!

Solfeggio Frequencies: Contains the powerful sound frequencies of the
world renowned Solfeggio Frequencies. When all nine are combined,
they make a powerful spray indeed. Excellent for overall healing and balancing.

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