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Transmissions for Abundance

Energy boost for your career and prosperity!

Based on 5 years of data, and experience from thousands of hours of transmission this program is just the boost your plans need to cross the hurdles and reap rewards. Just enroll online and you will start receiving 8 hours of energy transmission every day for the whole month.

Some feedback from our ‘abundance’ clients…

“My stock portfolio is up 35%!”

“My plot which was not selling for 2 years, got sold in 6 months!”

“I got Rs. One lac as gift and Rs. Six Lacs from a totally unexpected source.”

“My attitude towards money has completely shifted!”

“Many areas of my life are witnessing expansion.”

“Cracked two interviews within a week of the Core healing!”

“My car sales have gone up by 60% and stayed up for the past 6 months!”

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The daily transmissions will support you in:

  1. Creating an unusual amount of ‘luck’ and synchronicity for your plans.
  2. Clearing self doubt, negativity and other subconscious blocks to success.
  3. Reducing stress, procrastination and overwhelm.
  4. Raising your overall energy and vibration to increase productivity.
  5. Cleansing and energizing your office/work space.

What does it cost?

The charges for this healing program are only INR 5500 / USD 95 per month. Once you join, the energy is remotely transmitted to you 8 hours daily for the entire month.

What do you have to do?

Just click the link below and enroll with your details and photograph. You will be registered and your healing will begin within 48 hours.

You will be reminded that you are receiving healing each day on your phone via a WhatsApp message. This will allow you to be present to the daily support you are receiving.

* If you have any questions (or difficulties enrolling) please contact
or WhatsApp us at +91-7447725454

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