Core Healing India
  • “Mood is so positive, joyous, lively, healthy. Feeling so much love & gratitude!”

    S.S. - Mumbai
  • “Cracked two interviews within a week of the Core healing!”

    C.S. - New York
  • “My car sales have gone up by 60%... and stayed up for the past 6 months!”

    M.N. - Pune
  • “My son has been behaving like an angel since the healing began! Thank you.”

    A.S. - Pune
  • “Seeing a sudden and positive change in family relationships!”

    Y.M. - Mumbai
  • “Periods bang on time… no leg pain, back pain or cramps!”

    R.S. - Surat
  • “Really painful ulcer in my mouth healed overnight!”

    A.G. - Pune
  • “My puppy’s liver levels are back to normal! Thank you so much.”

    F.B. - USA
  • “Significant cardiac improvement and my hearing is back to normal again!”

    Y.S. - Mumbai
  • “My first painless period in 14 years! No words to express how happy I feel.”

    S.T. - Pune
Core transmissions

Through our unique Core information and energy transmissions, we are able to affect measurable changes in people, organizations, properties or businesses regardless of their location or time zone.

Receive specially designed, positively charged energy transmissions right from the comfort of your home or office! You can choose to join one of our Group transmissions: Body Mind Balance Abundance
OR You could choose to have a Customized transmission based on a evaluation of your energy field.
Spiritual Healing

Trained in many different systems, like Reiki, Quantum Healing, Reconnection, Matrix healing, Emotion code etc, our healers act as conduits of source energy, that heals any discord or dis-ease

Healing at its core is actually just a simple reconnection with the source of all, which affects a restoration of perfection at all conceivable levels.  All tools, modalities, processes, practices and techniques that we use are to ultimately achieve this one end.
We as healers through our practice of repeated and constant reconnection to source act as conduits by being consciously connected to source on one side and connected to you on the other. We also serve as the spark to rekindle your  connection with source through your own recognition of the divine within. Schedule a healing
Coaching &Therapy

Our coaching and therapy clients experience significant breakthroughs that lead them to challenge their point of views, resulting in remarkable changes in their careers, relationships and quality of life.

Part consultant, part therapist, part sounding board and part friend, our therapists gently guide you through the challenges you face.
Using their ability to view things from afar and shed new light on difficult situations they can act as a sounding board through tough decisions, help sharpen skills and motivate. They also help you discover and clear your subconscious blocks make it easy and effortless to achieve your highest potential.
Book a session
Wellness products

Our energized products support your well being as well as uplift your home or office. Carefully researched & intuitively designed products that are crafted with love & energized using our powerful proprietary technology.

We have developed an array of healing and energizing products over time. Based on our own intuition, experience and feedback from a close circle of energy sensitive clients our products are constantly being upgraded and improved. We currently offer: Energized sprays Energized pyramids Energized chakra sets Tensor ring products Flower of life bedsheets

Why work with us?

We can provide the support you need for emotional, mental & physical wellness through energy transmissions, remote healing, coaching, therapy, energy medicine, healing products and more.
We’ve devised our own way of doing things based on various healing products, modalities, technologies and therapy tools that allow us to tailor them to your needs as you go through this journey of healing, self exploration and growth.

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Client testimonials
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  • Michelle Pinto AvatarMichelle Pinto

    positive review  I highly recommend core Healing. I have done personal transmissions, body mind balance transmissions, in person sessions with Amit and… … more

    Nandita Saxena Paul AvatarNandita Saxena Paul

    positive review  Had the most wonderful healing session for my entire family during the peace and positivity series ! Thanks 🙏🏼

    Ashita M AvatarAshita M

    positive review  I do feel less anxious
    I dont feel very restless like before
    I try to stay calm
    I felt Core healing could read…
    … more

  • Madhura Kamble AvatarMadhura Kamble

    positive review  Being connected from 5 year, It really brought change in my life.
    Grateful for all service and highly recommended for those…
    … more

    Ruchi Goyal AvatarRuchi Goyal

    positive review  Every few hours reminders they said they are taking care of you while you take care of things around you… … more

    Radha Ravikumar AvatarRadha Ravikumar

    positive review  I have had amazing experiences at Core Healing which accompany me in my beautiful life journey. Thanks CORE Healing 🙂

  • Anil Paranjpe AvatarAnil Paranjpe

    positive review  Deep and personal insights and gentlest but real resolution of knotty challenges

    Ankana Chakraborty AvatarAnkana Chakraborty

    positive review  I tried 7 days trial of remote healing for pain management. I have nerve pain due to spinal chord injury… … more

    Saloni Shah Khare AvatarSaloni Shah Khare

    positive review  CORE Healing is amazing. It’s one of the best Alternative Healing Techniques available in today’s world. It identifies the imbalances… … more

  • Marnee Horesh AvatarMarnee Horesh

    positive review  Grateful to have been introduced to them! Truly an eye-opening experience and one that felt authentic. This is the real deal.

    Monica Beri AvatarMonica Beri

    positive review  I’ve received core healing on different occasions in the last 11/2 years, both as personal remote healing and also as… … more

    Shaun Sequeira AvatarShaun Sequeira

    positive review  I cannot be grateful enough to have been blessed with Core Healing India in my life. Every session with you… … more

  • Anita Modak AvatarAnita Modak

    positive review  Core Healing team and Amit have been our life savers. The rating of 5 is less compared to the amount… … more

    Jitendra Wadher AvatarJitendra Wadher

    positive review  I have taken multiple core sessions to address varied areas from back pain to prosperity. Results have been very amazing…. … more

    Chirag Shah AvatarChirag Shah

    positive review  We have been using core healing since last five years . It has been wonderful and pleasant experience . Core… … more

  • Sangeeta Bhagwat AvatarSangeeta Bhagwat

    positive review  Impressed by my own experiment with Core Healing, I began to recommend their services and products to my immediate family,… … more

    Bhumi Samarpan AvatarBhumi Samarpan

    positive review  Core healing is certainly very uniquely amazing!! Have had a beautifully positive and deeply healing experience at Core Healing…so grateful!! 🙂

    Puneeta Birring AvatarPuneeta Birring

    positive review  Core healing India is unique in terms of their healing techniques and products.
    I loved the place and Amit Gaur…
    … more

The Core team

Amongst us we have over 35 years of Healing, therapy and wellness experience.

Sahil Surti (GD)

Founder, mentor & guide


Founder, Healer & therapist


Healer, Wellness Products