Core Healing

Welcome to Core Healing, The Alternative & Holistic Health Company.

Accessible and personalised Treatments from the comfort of your home..

Working together
for a more fulfilled and joyus life

A personal coach supporting you
to perform better, grow as a person and most importantly
feel connected to your being.

Holistic healing

Our cutting edge technology uses a digital photo
to identify areas of weakness &
direct healing to a person, pet, office, home, property, business or factory.

Wellness products

Energised products for your well being as well as for your home. Carefully researched, intuitively designed and crafted with care.

Counselling & therapy

Part counselor, part spiritual coach,
part therapist and part friend.
Telephonic and zoom sessions
to revert to your natural state of peace and joy.

Dedicated to improving your life...

Over nine years ago, Amit quit his corporate job to join GD, with the intent to share the gifts of healing he received through GD. Now, core healing is here to heal, at accessible prices, with one pure intention - dedicated to improving your life.

Group transmissions, personalized transmissions, telephonic sessions, personal healing and wellness products.



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Guiding Principles of Energy Healing

As human beings we have disconnected from and forgotten our source
which has resulted in discords of all sorts, be it physical, mental or emotional.

Healing at its core, is actually a simple reconnection with the source of all,
which affects a restoration of perfection at all conceivable levels of being.
All tools, modalities and techniques that we use are to ultimately achieve this one end.

Healthy body

Healing for physical issues, chronic ailments and energencies.

icon mind
Balanced emotions

Clear negativity, depression, anxiety or other emotional imbalances.

Better relationships

Improve interpersonal communication, harmonize relationships and increase bonding.

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Growth and Success

Release blocks to success and growth. Restore self confidence and positivity.

Our Approach in one to one sessions.

As a therapist we have the ability to view things from afar, what some refer to as a birds eye view - and to shed new light on difficult situations. We can help you identify core patterns your life and get to the root cause of your issue. We provide a safe, non judgmental space for you to freely express and support you by acting as a unbiased, sounding board through the tough phases and decisions of life.

We use different processes, practices and techniques help clear conscious and subconscious blocks that cause discord and disappointment in life. We facilitate a shift in perception that leads to clarity of mind and a happier, more fulfilling life. The personal healing during these sessions helps you reconnect with your higher self and source, equipping you with an internal guidance system to make conscious choices in you life.

Clarity and focus

Clear confusion and restore clarity

A safe space to express yourself

Express your thoughts and feelings without fear and

Feel complete, inside and outside

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Increase awareness

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